The weather portal Einsatzwetter.de for summer/winter services and events with special forecasts for operational planning - precise and personal

With the weather portal www.einsatzwetter.de and the Einsatzwetter app, Wettermanufaktur offers specialized forecasts directly for your location all year round. Both summer and winter services, de-icing companies, airports, railway services, as well as organizers of open-air festivals, fairs, or sports events benefit from pinpoint weather forecasts to ensure effective personnel, resource, and deployment planning.

Meet us in person

Experience our innovative weather tools such as our www.einsatzwetter.de, our Einsatzwetter app, and our new IoT sensors., like the Wintersense.

Meet us digitally

In our online weather breakfast, we provide free insights into topics such as route forecasting, measurement technology for winter services, and our weather portal.

Glätte-Seminar für Winterdienste

Become a weather expert.

We will make you a winter service weather expert and provide training for you and your team in Berlin, either on-site as an in-house training or digitally.